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Meet Sebastian

Sebastian Duverge is an emerging Latinx artist in Louisville, KY. His use of bold, vibrant colors is seen throughout his paper mosaics, paper weavings, watercolor paintings, and oil pastel masterpieces. Sebastian also loves to create ceramics and greeting cards for the local community. 



Check out Sebastian's latest ceramic pieces available at Mercantile on Main!

Butterfly ceramic hangings

Sebastian Duverge is a Kentucky Crafted artist. Kentucky Crafted is the state's effort to promote great artists in Kentucky. We are so glad to be part of such a great group of talented people across Kentucky doing such compelling art! Specifically, Sebastian's watercolor mosaic art has been accepted by Kentucky Crafted. You can view some of Sebastian's mosaics in his portfolio or buy some at his online shop.

SD Mosaic Blue Horse Apr 2021 (1).jpg

Kentucky Tourism VIDEO

Earlier this year, the Tourism Department of the state of Kentucky spent a day following me around and made a videotape of me and my art. They did this as part of their Kentucky Moments series to promote people and places in Kentucky. I'm very grateful to them for including me and I think they did a lovely job creating this video. Also, check out the other videos in the series. There's a lot of creativity and beauty happening in Kentucky!

You can click on the image below to watch the video. I hope you enjoy it!

2022_KY Moments - Art Sanctuary_01 Edit Photo Cropped 2200x2200.jpg
KY Crafted Logo 300.png

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