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About the Artist

Sebastian Duverge’s work continues to evolve as he matures as an artist. There is an unexpected joy in all the pieces. Sebastian loves the bright colors of the world. He offers an opportunity to see the world through woven scenery and paper mosaics. Animals act like humans or they sit in people’s heads. The people in his painting reflect the physical feature of his mixed island heritage. His work definitely brings a smile to your face.

Sebastian lives in Louisville, Kentucky where he is currently studying pottery with Candy Wheat. He received his High School Art education at Ballard High School with Daryl Smith. He has attended JCTC studio art classes as well as receiving support with his work from various local artists, including Penny Lentz, Collis Marshall and Daniel Trabue.


Sebastian’s interest in art started very young. Some of his art and pottery has been featured at the Weber Gallery and sold at silent actions for charity.  He had his first solo show at Expressions Gallery in 2017.

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